What was fun to watch in January 2023?

Thousands of hours of entertainment are released every single day. Netflix alone has at least 50 months' worth of content (if watched continuously with no breaks for sleeping or eating), which is only getting bigger. How not to get lost in the endless flow of TV shows, miniseries, and Hollywood blockbusters? The answer may differ for each of us, but here are two titles that caught our eye in January 2023.

The Last of Us (HBO)
The first and second episodes left us sitting on the edge of our seats. Still, episode 3 was especially heartbreaking and exciting to watch. In it, we learn about the backstory of some key characters from the game, and the result is, wow! The show is an adaptation of a hugely popular video game about life in post-apocalyptic America after the breakout of a deadly fungi pandemic. We at ONKRON cannot wait to see how the story unfolds - even though it is mainly based on the scenarios from the video game, showrunners may yet surprise us as they did with episode 3!

Aftersun (2022)
Almost all media outlets and film critics made it their mission to post a review on this movie in January 2023 - and we have not seen a single bad review yet! It is a beautiful drama about nostalgia, finding one's way in life, and depression. The plot is uncomplicated, yet it leaves some important things unsaid, making you think about the story over and over again long after you are done watching the film. Performance by Paul Mescal from Normal People and the young Frankie Corio is impeccable. We are convinced that the world will be hearing these two names a lot in the future.

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