Transform regular TV stand into mobile video wall

Owners of ONKRON TS1881 and TS1892 stands, we have great news for you! Transform your TV cart into a two-screen mobile video wall and display twice as much information with this new accessory!

The ADV-1881 Dual VESA panel allows you to place a second screen on any 88 series stand model (TS1881 Black, TS1881 White, TS1892 Black), transforming a great stand into an even greater dual TV stand.

The maximum weight the stand itself can support is 200 lb. In this case, the load will be distributed between two screens, each supporting a display weighing no more than 100 lb. The following VESA configurations are compatible with the mount: 200x200 mm - 800x500 mm.

The dual VESA panel comes equipped with all the needed hardware and instructions. The panel can accommodate both landscape and portrait screen orientation.