Front row seat at all times - Go Team USA!

ONKRON G200 is a stylish dual monitor arm with a redesigned VESA plate and ONKRON's signature turquoise plastic inserts to reduce the risk of mechanical damage to the back of the monitor. It is part of the new and improved 2022-2023 ONKRON product line rolled out earlier this year.

G200 can support screens weighing up to 19.8 lb. and up to 32 inches in diagonal. Compared to similar monitor mounts, it is higher, and has longer arms, which increases the degree of freedom and comfort for the user, reducing stress on their eyes and spine.

Using two monitors at the same time is especially practical during significant sporting events when several competitions are broadcast simultaneously. The best current example is FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, where US Men's National Soccer Team is playing against England, Wales, and Iran.

Forget about having to switch between channels! You can watch the game on one screen while browsing through the championship stats on the other or even watch two games at once!

We at ONKRON are rooting for the US soccer squad with all our hearts - Go Team USA!

And what about working on one screen and watching sports on the other? Or if you are a gamer and prefer to compete in cyberspace, then the G200 is indispensable: with one eye, you can play the game; with the other, you can control the stream and watch the donations flowing in.

Photo editing, video editing, programming, video conferencing, gaming, studying – everything becomes more manageable when using two monitors on a G200 arm.

The ONKRON G200 Monitor Arm is built for a high quality of life.

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