Complete your gaming PC setup with GM25 mount

ONKRON GM25, created with the e-sports player in mind, is a high-tech full-motion monitor arm that shimmers with neon lights.

GM25 immerses players in the cyber atmosphere and helps them reach the gaming form's peak. The sci-fi-inspired design and carefully thought-out innovative construction will allow gamers to overtake their competition effortlessly. The outer edges of the mount glow in the dark and shine with all colors, thanks to the RGB backlight with an integrated mode control system.

ONKRON GM25 is designed to help the player win, not to make them feel tired toward the end of the game. Smooth height and viewing angle adjustment of the bracket contribute to the gamer's increased comfort and endurance, which allows them to exhaust and unbalance their virtual opponents.

GM25 is a fantastic gaming mount, definitely an eye-catcher and a showstopper! Choose the proper lighting for your room during the holidays, parties, or gatherings of friends! Lighting modes can be changed from ambient to disco using a compact remote control.

With the ONKRON GM25 bracket, you can work or play on the computer in the "daytime" mode without the neon accompaniment. The bracket is securely fixed to the edge of the desk or through a grommet hole, freeing up valuable desk space. The locking mechanism securely holds the necessary weight, ensuring the stability of the structure even with accidental physical impact. All wires are hidden inside the modern cable management system.

Compatible with all known monitors with a diagonal from 17" to 32".

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