Comfortable Working Space and Healthy Environment


While sitting at a desk all day erodes you health over time and can shorten your lifespan, standing desks aren’t a satisfactory solution, either, putting constant strain on the joints and leading to sore feet and an aching back – but an elegant, effective third way out of the dilemma exists in the form of sit-stand workstation desks.

Rather than buying an expensive standing desk – which can cost over $1,000 – fitting out your existing desk with a sit-stand desk mount gives you a superior arrangement for a fraction of the cost.
A sit-stand workstation desk mount consists of a height-adjustable arm that attaches to your desk with either a C-clamp or a grommet. At the end of this arm is an upright tubular strut with a monitor mounting plate at the top (usually with a VESA-compliant bolt pattern) and a keyboard tray at the bottom. The whole arm, with its swiveling joints, is held in whatever position you place it in by gas springs.

The monitor plate can support various flat screen monitor sizes. Single monitor workstation mounts can accommodate 22” to 35” monitors easily, rated up to 20 lbs of weight. Double monitor mounts hold a pair of 13” to 27” monitors side by side. In each case, the plate accepts both 75x75 and 100x100 VESA mounting patterns, the most common mounting setups for monitors of this size.

Sit-Stand Desk Mounts in Action

By swinging the arm up and down, you can raise and lower both your screen and your keyboard quickly at the same time. This lets you switch from sitting to standing and back again in a second or two, without interrupting your workflow. Most sit-stand workstation desk mounts also let you adjust their tilt by up to +8° or -55°, +15° to -15°, or similar amounts, to create a tailored angle to both the display face and the keyboard for maximum comfort and efficiency.
You can also swing the mount arm side to side through a 180° arc. Many of these fixtures include extras such as trays where you can place styluses, pens, notes, flash drives, and other small objects to keep them readily to hand while reducing clutter. Some stands even include features like USB ports for charging small portable electronics (smartphones, tablets, etc.) or connecting headphones. A sleek white or black finish looks dignified and clean, suited to the mood of a modern office.
The most important part of the workstation, of course, is its ability to help you keep your health even while working for long hours at a desk job. You can sit for a while, then stand, raising the whole workstation so that your computer use isn’t interrupted for more than a few heartbeats. When your feet and back start to feel the first twinges of strain, you can sit again for a while to rest, then stand again, repeating the cycle to help burn calories and keep electrical activity in play throughout all your muscles without undue fatigue.

Adding a sit-stand workstation desk mount to your work space gives you relief from tiredness and improves your health, while maximizing convenience and costing only one or two hundred dollars rather than the thousands a less-effective standing desk often costs. You can find plenty of these health-saving and money-saving workstations on, a collection of premium stands and mounts chosen to give you the highest value in both the home and office.