6 Tips For Choosing The Best Mobile TV Stand for Your Flat-Screen TV

Due to the latest technology trends, portable TV stands have paved their way into our homes and offices. These movable TV stands enhance the interior décor as well as set the TV to function effectively in a proper and safe place at any house.

Unlike the fixed wall TV mounts, the mobile TV stands do not require any drilling holes on the house or office walls. They are height adjustable TV stands and have a swivel mechanism. These features allow us to set the television position at the correct angle of view.

The TV cart can be adjusted to ensure a proper sitting posture, which eliminates the neck, back, and eyestrain. Some of the portable TV stands come with rolling wheels at the bottom. So rather than lifting the TV stand, they can be taken simply from one place to another.

They are accommodating, especially in offices where TV stands are required in different conference rooms. You want to buy a rolling TV stand but heard from someone that they are costly. It is a misconception.

Tips To Choose The Best TV Stand

Investing in the mobile TV stand makes sure the safety of the television, and it remains in a secure place for an extended period. Before choosing a perfect portable stand for a flat-screen TV, there are few factors that you must consider.

1. Size and Nature Of The Room

The TV stand should match the style and décor of the room or any portion of the house/office where it will be placed. For example, if you are going to put it in the living room, then its style should coordinate with the color of the furniture of the living room.

If the living room appears as a high-tech style, then go for the metallic or glass TV stand. On the contrary, with traditional room settings and furnishing, the wooden stand will look better. Room size matters also. It will help to determine whether a swivel TV stand or corner stand will be suitable.

2. The Stand Size and Strength

The measurements of a television stand differ a great deal from the measurement of the television. It is quite a daunting task to make a proper stand selection since choosing the wrong size TV stand makes it look like a 'square peg in a round hole.'

The strength and size are very crucial when looking for a dual monitor TV stand. Primarily, the TV cart must be able to support and accommodate the flat-screen TV firmly. ONKRON rolling mobile TV stands Dual TV Cart is the best example.

Along with that, the stand should have space for keeping other components such as power cables, DVD player, or gaming consoles. When it comes to the height of the stand, the eye level should be at the center of the television screen while sitting.

Choosing the stand height that is either too low or too high defines self-defining logic because it will interfere with our viewing angle. Break out the measuring tape and measure TV, the place where you want to adjust the stand as well as to measure the TV screen diagonally.

In case of doubt, consult the television manufacturer. While measuring a TV screen diagonally, use the width when measuring the TV stand. If the TV stand television is of the same size, then the TV stand is actually broader than the TV.

The stand for TV should be at least the same in width as of the TV. In short, tall and standard height TV stands are available in the market, so opt the one which goes with the preferred seating height and viewing angle.

Stand Size and Strength

3. Features of the Stand

Many stands come with multiple AV components and electronic gadget apartments that accentuate the experience of watching TV. Some have a place to keep the HDMI cables organized to make the room appearance tidy and big.

The credenzas, gaming consoles, and TV hutches shelves are also available in many TV stands. Some have gadgets that can reduce the over-heating of the different AV components. ONKRON 50''–83'' black mobile TV cart screens up to 200 lbs. and comes with great features.

Adjustable shelves are useful for different sizes of items to fit in the TV stand. If you want to hide things on the stand, then prefer buying a TV stand with glass doors and drawers so that people only see the TV and TV stand.

When buying a glass door TV stand, check if it is tempered glass or not because it is quite more durable than the regular glass.

Features of the Stand

4. Price of the Stand

Buy a TV stand that matches the TV stand and won't be heavy on the pocket. However, the budget does not compromise on the stand's quality, but you can compromise on features.

Because the features of the position are directly proportional to the stand price means you can choose a cheaper option. ONKRON black TV cart for 60 to 100-Inch screens up to 300 lbs.' is now available at a much discounted price.

5. Materials

Generally, mobile TV stands are made of metal and wood material. Metal TV carts go well with the modern style homes, whereas the wooden TV cart adds a more rustic and traditional style to the place.

The wood used in a TV stand is usually made of mahogany, oak, maple, and cherry. There are other varieties also that allow choosing the wood that not only looks good but also fits the buyer's budget.

The metal TV stands are often made of chrome or powder finish to improve the appearance.

6. Mobility

Sometimes, you want to change the setting of the TV room or conference room, or you wish to alter the TV stand position. In this case, the swivel stand is the best option. This requires the mobile TV stand to be light-weight and easy to transfer.

In a nutshell, choosing a TV stand is not as easy as pie. Hopefully, the information mentioned above will assist you in selecting the best flat-TV screen stand.